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Rolling out: multiple posting locations and hybrid positions

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Shared by Lee-el • April 04, 2023

Times are changing, so that means we are, too!

Comeet now supports positions that are on-site, hybrid or remote and you can post your positions in multiple locations.

We're rolling this feature out, so be on the lookout!

Workplace type

We know that the Work from home field wasn’t flexible enough for your positions.

For that reason, we’ve replaced it with the new Workplace type field, enabling you to set to Hybrid as well. This new field is automatically synced with supported job boards - like LinkedIn and Indeed - so there’s need for tagging or other extra steps!

As with the old field, navigate to the Description tab for any position to find the Workplace type. The new valid values for this field include: On-Site, Hybrid and Remote.

What happened to my existing configurations?

For positions that you have set as work from home, the Workplace type field will show Remote. If you’re hiring for Hybrid work, you can now review such positions and set the workplace type to Hybrid.

Posting locations

And, on the heels of that, we’re also happy to share that Comeet now supports posting a position in multiple locations, enabling you to easily expose the entire relevant geographic area of a position to potential candidates. With this feature, you can now find candidates faster for your remote and hybrid positions, as well as for any other position that is relevant to multiple locations.

Find out more in the help article here.