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Introducing: Comeet’s Powerful AI Assistant

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Shared by Tommy • April 24, 2023

Comeet's AI Assistant is here! 🎉

Our new AI-powered features are designed to help improve and streamline your recruitment process.

Improve the candidate experience, strengthen your employer brand, and save time without removing the important human touch.

The AI Assistant features these powerful tools:

  • Job Descriptions: Make job descriptions better with ease. Our AI Assistant generates an optimized description in seconds, applying considerations like inclusivity and specificity.
  • Scorecards & Interview Questions (coming soon!): Comeet’s AI Assistant will compose scorecards and interview questions while implementing proven recruiting methodologies, empowering interviewers to find the talent that is qualified to perform for the role.
  • Email Templates: AI Assistant crafts a just-right email template for your needs. You choose the tone of voice of your employer brand, and it will craft a personalized template to improve the candidate experience. If the email template has a lightning bolt, AI Assistant can help.
  • Pre-Screening Questionnaires: Get all the relevant details from candidates early on in the hiring process. AI Assistant will generate a pre-screen questionnaire while applying best practices to help you improve the screening decisions made at the top of the hiring funnel.

AI Assistant is now available in your Comeet account.