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WhatsApp/SMS/Phone button now accessible in Comeet

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Shared by Bry • June 30, 2023

Note: this feature is currently rolling out to customers and will be available to everyone by August 2023.

With this new feature, it’s easier to communicate with candidates over WhatsApp and SMS or to make a phone call with a click of a button in Comeet, giving you access to smoother candidate communication flow. This is currently rolling out to users.

.From Comeet, you can initiate telephone communication with candidates by calling them, starting an SMS or starting a WhatsApp conversation, using any communication app that is supported on your desktop or mobile device.

To contact your candidates from Comeet, click the phone number from their profile and then select the relevant option from the External apps section (Call, Text (SMS), or Whatsapp). This launches the relevant default app on your device.

Comeet customers will be required to publish their own privacy notice in Comeet by September 1, 2023

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Shared by Bry • May 10, 2023

This change is being made to provide greater clarity and transparency to candidates in accordance with privacy laws, principles, and best practices.

What’s changing?

These changes will take effect September 1, 2023:

  • You will be required to have a privacy policy for job candidates in place to continue accepting new applications.
  • Comeet's Privacy Notice to Job Candidates will no longer be shown to candidates of Comeet’s customers.

Who is this for?

  • All Comeet customers are required to publish a privacy notice for candidates, regardless of whether or not you enable privacy settings options.

Action required

IMPORTANT: Please publish your privacy notice for job candidates in Comeet by September 1, 2023 to avoid any disruption to your recruitment process.

  • We have created a guide to help you learn how to write and publish your privacy policy.
  • To help you prepare for this change, we have created a sample privacy notice that you and your legal advisors can use as a reference.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to support.


New feature
Product update

Introducing: Comeet’s Powerful AI Assistant

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Shared by Tommy • April 24, 2023

Comeet's AI Assistant is here! 🎉

Our new AI-powered features are designed to help improve and streamline your recruitment process.

Improve the candidate experience, strengthen your employer brand, and save time without removing the important human touch.

The AI Assistant features these powerful tools:

  • Job Descriptions: Make job descriptions better with ease. Our AI Assistant generates an optimized description in seconds, applying considerations like inclusivity and specificity.
  • Scorecards & Interview Questions (coming soon!): Comeet’s AI Assistant will compose scorecards and interview questions while implementing proven recruiting methodologies, empowering interviewers to find the talent that is qualified to perform for the role.
  • Email Templates: AI Assistant crafts a just-right email template for your needs. You choose the tone of voice of your employer brand, and it will craft a personalized template to improve the candidate experience. If the email template has a lightning bolt, AI Assistant can help.
  • Pre-Screening Questionnaires: Get all the relevant details from candidates early on in the hiring process. AI Assistant will generate a pre-screen questionnaire while applying best practices to help you improve the screening decisions made at the top of the hiring funnel.

AI Assistant is now available in your Comeet account.

Product update
New feature

Recruiting Analytics is here 🎉

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Shared by Tamir • April 19, 2023

You asked, we answered. 🎉

Our brand new Recruiting Analytics system is live!

After months of listening to users and building out reports that matter for recruiting, you can finally access Recruiting Analytics in your Comeet account.

We think the new system will make your recruiting efforts stronger, more actionable, and more measurable.

To start exploring, log in to Comeet, click Analytics and try out the new reports.

You’ll find:

  • Better organization of the data that matters
  • Increased customizability
  • Accurate and actionable data
  • Big picture data as well as drill-down capabilities

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Happy analyzing! 🚀

New integration

Comeet is now integrated with Perfect

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Shared by Don • April 04, 2023

Great news!

Perfect, the all-in-one platform to spot, reach, and engage with a brand new talent pool, will suggest prospects to you in Perfect, and you can easily export chosen prospects into Comeet with a few clicks.

  • Reduce time-to-fill by engaging directly with candidates who are the best fit for your open position.
  • Access an untapped talent pool without relying on the recruitment team’s capacity.
  • Save significant time by reducing the time spent on manual work, not needing to sort through hundreds of candidate profiles.

“I feel almost guilty because my job has become so much easier.” — Antuela Romero - Director of Human Resources, Obligo

Learn more and get started

New integration
Product update

Easy onboarding with our newest hiring form customizations

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Shared by Amit • April 04, 2023

You can now add a custom integration with your company’s HRIS to your hiring forms. With this new integration option, you can add custom fields to your hiring forms to capture the details that are needed to create new employee profiles. This way, when a candidate is hired, this information is pulled into the new profile, making it easier than ever to get started with the onboarding process.

Note: this is only available with the Enterprise plan.

See the Hires API documentation for more information.

Product update
New feature

Rolling out: multiple posting locations and hybrid positions

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Shared by Lee-el • April 04, 2023

Times are changing, so that means we are, too!

Comeet now supports positions that are on-site, hybrid or remote and you can post your positions in multiple locations.

We're rolling this feature out, so be on the lookout!

Workplace type

We know that the Work from home field wasn’t flexible enough for your positions.

For that reason, we’ve replaced it with the new Workplace type field, enabling you to set to Hybrid as well. This new field is automatically synced with supported job boards - like LinkedIn and Indeed - so there’s need for tagging or other extra steps!

As with the old field, navigate to the Description tab for any position to find the Workplace type. The new valid values for this field include: On-Site, Hybrid and Remote.

What happened to my existing configurations?

For positions that you have set as work from home, the Workplace type field will show Remote. If you’re hiring for Hybrid work, you can now review such positions and set the workplace type to Hybrid.

Posting locations

And, on the heels of that, we’re also happy to share that Comeet now supports posting a position in multiple locations, enabling you to easily expose the entire relevant geographic area of a position to potential candidates. With this feature, you can now find candidates faster for your remote and hybrid positions, as well as for any other position that is relevant to multiple locations.

Find out more in the help article here.

New feature
Product update

View and manage sourcing in the new sources area

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Shared by Amit • April 04, 2023

We’ve added the new Sources area for management of sourcing, making it easier than ever to manage all of the resources you use for candidate sourcing from one central location. With the new Sources area:

  • View all sources across all channels
  • Manage sources and campaigns - add, edit and merge
  • Get trackable links for sharing and posting on social media

To get started, go to your avatar menu and select Sources. See our help article for more details.

New integration
Product update

Rectxt and other super-useful integrations have landed!

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Shared by Daria • January 25, 2023

We're happy to share that we've launched new integrations in order to help further improve your hiring processes:


Rectxt is a text messaging (SMS) platform for recruiters in North America. Integrate your Comeet account with Rectxt so your team can:

  • send individual texts to candidates and bulk messages for campaigns directly from within Comeet
  • save all conversations within the relevant candidate profiles

Get help setting up your configuration here.

Learn more here about Rectxt.


Best-in-class psychometric assessment technology.

Set your integration up now.

Learn more here about Criteria.


A platform for candidate recruitment through online communities and other digital channels.

Set your integration up now.

Learn more here about Linkatch.

Dr. Job

A job portal designed to connect candidates & employers.

Set your integration up now.

Learn more here about Dr. Job.


AI-based sourcing and ranking tool.

Set your integration up now.

Learn more here about Leoforce.

New feature
New integration
Product update

LinkedIn Recruiter is now integrated with Comeet!

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Shared by Tal • December 15, 2022

We’re excited to announce that LinkedIn Recruiter is now directly connected to Comeet, allowing you to speed up sourcing candidates on LinkedIn.

If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you can now work seamlessly between Comeet and LinkedIn vis the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration.

This integration helps recruiters:

  • See candidates’ LinkedIn profiles and send InMail messages right from Comeet
  • View InMail conversations and notes from LinkedIn Recruiter directly from within Comeet
  • Easily export candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter to Comeet
  • Candidate contact details are automatically updated in Comeet when shared
  • See current and past recruiting activity from Comeet on candidates’ profiles in LinkedIn Recruiter